Business Consulting

Organization Efficiency And Effectiveness

Businesses are under scrutiny to perform ever more efficiently and effectively. There is pressure to control spending while also improving services for citizens and aggressively pursuing important policy initiatives. The result is an increased focus on process improvement—accomplishing more with fewer resources, streamlining information services and processes, reducing fraud, waste, and abuse, and improving productivity.

We work alongside our clients in redesigning their organization’s structure to fit its mission and strategy, aligning its business purpose and improving operations and performance through a range of capabilities and leading-edge services:

  1. Organizational Design and Operating model
  2. Business process review and IFRS embedding
  3. Business Process Reengineering
  4. Workforce Optimization
  5. Enterprise Positioning


Management and Statutory Reporting

Management and statutory financial statements and reports are important reports required by different stakeholders (e.g. staff, shareholders, tax regulatory bodies, bankers, creditors, debtors etc.) to make key decisions about the performance and position of an organization. GODP provides clients with expertise required in preparing financial statements in IFRS, US GAAP etc.

IFRS Conversion Implementation

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a language of business in the International sphere as global players in several countries in the world are all migrating towards financial reports prepared using the guidance of IFRS. We provide technical support to various organization’s wanting to convert from local accounting standards to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) and on-going support to those already converted.

Business Evaluation

Today’s most innovative organizations are seeking to unlock greater value from existing assets and ongoing capital expenditures—as well as new acquisitions, investments and complex corporate arrangements. At the same time, regulators are demanding greater transparency through fair value reporting, putting more emphasis on the importance of valuation and value analysis.

GODP helps clients with:

  1. Business and Equity Valuation
  2. Option Valuation and Financial Instruments
  3. Advanced Modelling
  4. Cost of Capital Analysis