Managing Employee Performance for Results

Best practices in managing employee performance, behavior & attitudes

This exciting workshop will introduce you to the latest and best practices in managing employee performance, behaviour & attitudes. Managing Performance is about getting the right things done in the right way by the right people at the right time. It involves directing and supporting employees in line with the organization vision and mission and ensuring that the organization strategic goals reflect the needs of the business and are understood by stakeholders.


Summarized Course Outline

o Evolution of performance managemenmt

o Key principles of an effective performance management

o Elements of an ineffective perfprmance management

o Core framework of an effective performance management

o Performance management process


- Managing performance

o Performance planning

o Behavioural Expectations and Performance Dimension

o Appraoches to Aligning Organizational and Individual Objectives

o Effective performance goals

o Performance review and evaluation

o Employee input in performance management

o Types of performance review systems

o Performance rating errors and common problems with performance management

o Performance improvement plan


- Coaching and performance management

o Importance of coaching

o GROW approach

o Manager as a coach


- Listening skills and coaching

o Misconception about listening

o Effective listening


- Identifying and dealing with different Behavioural styles

o Analysis of different behavioural patterns

o Identifying your customer’s behavioural pattern

o Dealing with your customer’s behavioural pattern

o Resolving conflicts