IFRS 9: ECL Modeling

IFRS 9 Impairment Modeling


- Understanding of the requirements of IFRS 9 on incurred loss modeling

- Develop core skills in creating Expected Credit Loss Models

- Develop core skills in validating the correctness of Expected Credit Loss Models

- Familiarize participants with methods, processes and systems used to measure, validate and limit credit exposures


- Instructor guided presentation

- Case studies

- Discussion session

- Scenario and Case study sessions

What to Expect

- Expert facilitation

- Tea Break and Lunch

- Souvenirs

- Discussion session

- Internationally Recognized Certificate (In affiliation with IFTDO)

- Practical Examples


Course Content 

(a) Introduction

(b) Overview of the requirements of IFRS on Expected Credit Loss

(c) Interest and time value of money concept:

(d) Data analysis 

(e) Credit Management:

(f) Expected Credit Loss Modeling:

(g) Model Validation

(h) Project


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