Financial Statement Analysis and modeling

Learn skills required to understand data, identify drivers, analyze drivers, and develop financial models that interpret data, predict the future etc.

Training Objectives

Develop financial reporting skills

Understand IFRS standards required to prepare both Single and Group Financial Statements

Acquire skills required to prepare Single and Consolidated Financial Statements

Understand Disclosure requirements of IFRS


Instructor guided presentation

Case studies

Discussion session

Scenario and Case study sessions

What to Expect

Expert facilitation

Conducive Training Environment

Discussion session

Practical Examples

Recognised Certificate

Access to recorded video

Course material and templates


Course Content

A.        Components of a financial statement

o   Statement of financial position

o   Statement of cash flow

o   Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income

o   Statement of changes in equities

B.          Financial performance and interpretation

o   Ratio analysis

o   Interpretation of financial ratios

C.         Interest and the time value of money concept

D.         Project analysis and appraisal

o   Introduction

o   Pay Back Period (PBP)

o   Discounted Pay Back Period (DPBP)

o   Internal Rate of Returns (IRR)

o   Net Present Value (NPV)

o   Profitability Index (PI)

E.        How to structure an excel model

o   Building in flexibility

o   Making it easy to audit

o   Allowing for the best presentation

o   Minimizing the number of Inputs

F.          Data analysis

o   Importing data

o   Using data table

o   Perform What-If Analysis

o   Sorting and filtering data

o   Using pivot tables